Jeroen Bertrams

Jeroen has been working as digital strategist and growth expert for over 15 years, advising companies on how to continuously expand and improve. He is an avid angel investor with over 200 investments, mostly in North America.

Back in 2000, Jeroen was the first tech blogger in The Netherlands, writing close to 4000 articles about start-ups, growth and digital marketing. In his spare time he started three fun projects (they all got "techcrunched": 1, 2 and 3) that delivered a lot of learnings but ultimately failed. He sold his blog to a leading publisher and focused on another company which pioneered online lead generation for financials. And that worked out well. Once he sold this company ten years ago, he began writing books on digital strategy and advising corporates and startups on online growth.

While angel investing takes up a lot of his time, he still advises companies and startups on online marketing and strategy and writes books (9 and counting).


For companies

Digital strategy and growth. I enjoy helping companies to increase their (online) growth and success. If you are looking for a true online expert to help you increase your returns from investments in the online channel, I may be able to help. From short but intense sessions to projects, for example to enhance your online strategy or strengthen your team.

Lectures. Additionally, I give lectures on digital marketing, angel investing, growth and related issues.

A couple of my current and previous clients are KLM, Philips, Randstad, CBRE, Essent, ONVZ, ARAG, Nuon, Centraal Beheer, Tempo Team, ANWB, ABN AMRO, and SNS Bank.



If you are running a startup and looking for funding or advice, I may be able to help you out.

Sharpen your deck to get funding. I have seen thousands of pitchdecks and I still have all of them. I know exactly which decks impress investors and which not (they've called me the Deck Doctor in the past).

Advice on (digital) strategy and growth. I may be able to help you to develop or enhance your digital (growth) strategy. As a former founder, I know what makes companies grow.

Invest in your company. I rarely invest in startups that do not come through my network. But there are exceptions. You can send me your pitchdeck if you like.



Investing as an angel or VC is difficult. Most investors have a hard time making a decent return. If I look back on my first investments, I'm shocked at my own judgement those days. I could have used some help.

Now, after investing in hundreds of companies and tracking every move they make, it has become *a little* easier for me to predict if a start-up is ready to grow big, or if they will just fiddle out within a few years.

Help with due diligence. If you are considering an investment in a company and would like a second opinion, or if you would like me to cut through a deck or team - I've seen all the tricks - I'd be happy to do so.

Become an even better angel investor. If you would like advice on how to increase your returns from investing, I may be able to help. by sharing all the "ins and outs" that I learned over the years.

Invest alongside me. Sometimes I share deals with other angels. Let me know here if you would like to be included in my list.


Selected investments

While some of my investments are either in stealth or have not yet announced their funding, I've listed a couple of notable and fun ones below. Most of my investments are not as captivating and I have seen companies fail. I have also listed a couple of investments on my AngelList profile. I invest in many deals, but usually with very small amounts. Since angel investing takes years before (big) returns come, I still need to work to fund this expensive "hobby", and happily do so.

  • Rappi - On demand delivery; fastest growing company in Latin America
    Investors: Sequoia Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, DST, Delivery Hero, others
  • Grove Collaborative - E-Commerce; strong brand with unique approach
    Investors: Norwest Venture Partners, Mayfield Fund, MHS Capital, Bullpen Capital, NextView Ventures
  • Burrow - High quality sofa's that assemble in minutes; one of Time's best 50 inventions
    Investors: New Enterprise Associates, Correlation Ventures
  • Boom Supersonic - Creating a supersonic airplane from scratch
    Investors: 8VC, Japan Airlines, RRE Ventures, Lightbank
  • Social Tables - Create better events together in the cloud; acquired by Cvent
    Investors: Bessemer Venture Partners, QuestMark, Middleland Capital
  • Skysafe - World-class drone defense and airspace control solutions
    Investors: Andreessen Horowitz
  • Molekule - Revolutionary way of cleaning air and getting people healthy
    Investors: Crosslink, Foundry Group
  • Tala - Microfinance for the less developed world
    Investors: Revolution Growth, IVP, Data Collective, Lowercase Capital, Ribbit Capital
  • Numerai - Developer of Erasure, a decentralized data marketplace for (financial) predictions
    Investors: Union Square Ventures, First Round Capital
  • Plastiq - Pay for anything with your credit card, even if credit cards are not accepted
    Investors: Kleiner Perkins, Khosla, DST Global
  • Headspin - The best solution to test your new app on all phones of the world
    Investors: Iconiq, Battery, EQT
  • Funds - I'm an investor in a couple VC funds, investor in many Ycombinator funds, and LP in funds led by angels such as Naval Ravikant, Auren Hoffman, Todd Sacerdoti, and Zach Coelius.

My books

Over the past years I wrote nine managementbooks. Two of them were included in the yearly "hall of fame" at BOL.com, the biggest e-commerce platform of The Netherlands.

Four of my books achieved bestseller status (>5000 sold), but my least performing book is probably also my best one. It's about how Social Media is influencing our life - both personal and business - and how to deal with it. If you can read Dutch, I highly recommend it.

For Dutch reading people, here are links to my last two books.

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